Tickets not payed within 5 days of purchasing are cancelled.

Payment details:
    IBAN: BE04 7360 3093 9731
    Reference: ILB + your name

Group tickets should be payed at once.


Don't take them off. In case they are too tight or are at risk of falling off, you are free to come and have them changed. Please do not remove them yourself.

Name changes

Tickets can be sold to 3rd parties before Wednesday 17th of April, but name changes come with an administrative cost of 10 euro.


Upgrades are possible until April 17th by paying the difference between the current price and the price at time of purchase within 5 days from the day of the request.


Cancelling your 2019 ticket is possible until April 17, 2019. The cancellation fee is 50%. IBIS can be cancelled until March 18, 2019. Condo Gardens can be cancelled until April 17, 2019. No cancellation fee. Cancellations after that day are not possible anymore.

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